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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Costs

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Costs

Fire extinguisher inspections costs have naturally become more and more affordable each year. With improving fire extinguisher technology and ease of access, being fire code compliant has become easier than ever before. Being compliant with fire codes and building codes often get split into 2 factors. There are fire extinguisher inspections vs fire extinguisher servicing.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Depending on the size of your business and the extent of your fire extinguisher system, the costs can vary. Small businesses often don’t have extensive fire extinguisher systems leading to an easier inspection of just checking location, pressure, and condition of fire extinguishers. Larger corporate offices and businesses have large fire extinguisher systems that might be integrated within the building. Making sure the systems are working and can work at a moment’s notice are often checked by more experienced inspectors.

Inspections usually cost between $40 to $100 dollars depending on the immediacy and size of business. During inspections, making sure you have a code-compliant setup and working fire extinguishers is the biggest aim. Inspectors can guide you to recharge or replace your fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Service

After the inspection, an inspector can suggest you get new fire extinguishers or simply recharge(refill) if it has no damage.

Buying a new fire extinguisher can often be necessary if the old ones don’t hold pressure or are damaged in some way. The most common 10lb ABC fire extinguishers can cost close to $100. Smaller 5lb fire extinguishers for small spaces go for around $40-$60. Commercial 20lb fire extinguisher can go upwards of around $200. Depending on the size of your business, an inspector can suggest which one to buy.

Getting a fire extinguisher recharge is often better than getting a new one. Fire extinguishers slowly lose pressure over the course of the year. Getting them recharged can help them stay pressurized and ready for use at a low cost. A recharge will cost you between $25-50 depending on the size and type of fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher for technology like Halotrons can cost more to refill than the common 10lb ABC fire extinguisher.

The National Fire Protection Association suggests getting an inspection done every year. Getting inspected yearly can help you stay compliant with fire code rule changes and maintain your fire extinguishers. Maintained fire extinguishers allow you to keep them for longer and you won’t have to pay the extra cost of getting new ones. Always ask the inspector the best suggestions on getting your fire extinguishers replaced or recharged.

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