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Chicago Special Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Chicago Special Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Chicago Boats and Yachts Fire Extinguishers

With Chicago’s gorgeous summertime, enjoying on a boat is a must. Whether you like to enjoy at Chicago’s yacht club or go crazy at the playpen, safety is always necessary for such a large lake. Boat collisions and engine explosions can be deadly. Close spaces like the playpen can be devastating with the boats linked together. Being on your own on the other hand can leave you stranded in such a large lake.

Onboard fires are one of the two most common reasons boaters are forced to abandon ship (other than the obvious one of having your boat sink). Portable fire extinguishers effectively extinguish nearly 95 percent of all reported fires – making them an absolute necessity for powerboats, speedboats, rafts, yacht, ship and other water-based motorized vehicles throughout Chicago’s lakes. In accordance with codes and regulations, these motorized vehicles are required to provide fire extinguishers in each vehicle.

The Coast Guard of Chicago requires one to three extinguishers on pleasure boats, depending on whether they have enclosed engine compartments and if there is a permanently-mounted fixed extinguisher system, there has to be one in the engine room. These are the minimums to pass Chicago’s Coast Guard inspection if you get boarded. While storing them, make sure of the weather exposure and location because extinguishers are only effective if you can get to them.

Chicago Trucks and Service Vehicles

In the U.S the majority of truck crashes involve multiple vehicles and various types of impact crash types. Over the 3 year period of 2010 to 2012, there were a total of 1220 single-vehicle crashes. This represents 17% of all heavy truck crashes over the same period. Portable fire extinguishers are an absolute necessity for trains, buses, taxi’s, trucks and other service vehicles throughout Chicago. In accordance with codes and regulations, public service vehicles are required to provide fire extinguishers in each vehicle. Additionally, drivers of these types of vehicles are required to know how to properly use fire extinguishers.

Depending on your type of vehicle, the fire extinguisher might be different.

If you have any questions or want help getting a new fire extinguisher, call us at (214)256-5699.

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