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Essential Fire Extinguisher Operation, Maintenance And Safety Tips

Essential Fire Extinguisher Operation, Maintenance And Safety Tips

Fire extinguisher inspection/service can go a long way in saving lives and property damage when there's a fire outbreak in your business. A portable fire extinguisher on your premises can help put out a small fire or manage it until the fire brigade arrives.

It's crucial to ensure that your fire extinguisher is operational at all times. Here are some essential fire extinguisher operation and safety tips that you should know:

Fire Extinguisher Ratings

Fire extinguishers come in different classes depending on the type of fire they are intended to manage. Class A extinguishers are used on paper or wood fire, while Class B extinguishers are designed for fires involving oil and other flammable liquids. Extinguishers labeled C are used on electrically energized fires. Those labeled ABC are multipurpose and can be used to put out all the three types of fire. You can contact fire extinguisher service Dallas if you're not sure of the best type of fire extinguisher to install on your premises.

Install the Fire Extinguisher Near the Exit

When a fire breaks out, your property may fill with smoke, making it hard for occupants to locate the fire extinguisher if it's not placed strategically. Plus, there's no guarantee that you can put out the fire with the extinguisher alone.

You should install this vital equipment close to an exit where nothing is blocking you from reaching it. This can make it easy for you to escape if you cannot control the fire. A reliable Dallas fire extinguisher inspection/service provider can show you the best location for your extinguisher.

Inspect Your Fire Extinguisher Regularly

It's essential to check your fire extinguisher often to ensure it's in good working condition. There should be no rust or any other damage on important parts such as hoses and nozzles. You should also clean your fire extinguisher to remove grease, dust, or any other type of dirt that may have adverse impacts on its performance.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Tips

You should go through the manufacturer guidelines and instructions to know how often you should inspect your fire extinguisher. Generally, inspections should be done monthly. Although you can do these inspections on your own, it's advisable to let someone familiar with fire extinguishers do it.

At America's Fire Shield, we work with a team of licensed and highly experienced technicians. During the inspection, we may also perform the necessary maintenance.

Annual maintenance checks are mandatory. Professional technicians at America's Fire Shield can check your fire extinguisher's physical condition and tell you if it needs replacement.

We can also inspect the expelling means and the extinguishing agent and carry out a thorough inspection of the mechanical parts. We can also conduct the 12-year hydrostatic test and the 6-year internal examination. Our goal is to make sure we leave your fire extinguisher Dallas in good working condition.

Professional Fire Extinguisher Inspection

If you're looking for fire extinguisher inspection Dallas, you should let the experts do it for you. You can contact us for all your fire extinguisher needs if you're in Dallas, New York City, or Chicago. We also handle professional fire extinguisher installation at a competitive price.

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