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Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service In Fort Worth

Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service In Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, owning commercial property can be stressful but dealing with commercial fire protection equipment can sometimes be even worse.

Fire extinguishers and systems are required in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings listed in NFPA 1 guidelines. Fort Worth also has its own set of rules that are added to the national regulations and are changed from time-to-time by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court.

Fire Extinguisher Service

If you own a commercial property, you need to maintain and keep a certain standard that is more detailed than most other property types. The easiest way to ensure that your property is complying with local standards is to call a service provider for fire extinguisher inspections. Make sure to convey any problems you’ve noticed with your current extinguishers to make sure you can get replacements if necessary.

Commercial Fire Alarm System and Service

A commercial fire alarm system is more complex and must be checked at least once a year. The important things to inspect on your commercial fire alarm are: the system device, pull stations, the control panels, and auditory devices. All parts of a commercial fire alarm system are essential in ensuring your protection and the safety of your property. These inspections usually take longer and are more expensive than just a yearly fire extinguisher check.

Get help to implement your fire safety plan

As a commercial property, a fire safety plan is often needed for large locations. Certain height requirements and compliance standards make placement a very crucial process. You can’t just get a fire extinguisher like in a small business.

America’s Fire Shield is dedicated to helping commercial property owners across Fort Worth keep their buildings, people, and merchandise safe from a dangerous fire. America’s Fire Shield can help you formulate and implement an effective fire safety plan to reduce the chances of a serious problem and make sure you comply with local regulations.

As a full-service commercial and residential fire protection provider, the company allows customers to bundle fire safety services. Their trusted technicians will install fire extinguishers in accordance with NFPA standards and local code. Also, they will send local licensed and expert technicians to your commercial or residential property to make sure you comply with all rules.

You can call Ultra Fire Shield at (888) 627-9394.

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