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Our fire extinguisher inspection, conducted by certified and licensed technicians, aims to identify any deficiencies. If your extinguishers comply with safety standards and local regulations, they will receive a certification tag valid for 12 months. Please note that corrective actions, such as recharging or refilling, are not included in the Basic Service but can be addressed separately by a technician.

Our thorough 12-point inspection checklist covers the following key areas:

  1. Gauge Pressure: We check the pressure gauge to ensure it reads within the green range.
  2. Gauge Condition: We assess the condition of the gauge and its compatibility with the extinguisher.
  3. Hydro-Test Date: We verify that the last hydro-test date meets code requirements.
  4. Six-Year Maintenance Inspection: We review the maintenance history over the past six years.
  5. Valve and Shell Inspection: We examine the valve and shell for any damage or corrosion.
  6. Discharge Horn Condition: We check the condition of the discharge horn.
  7. Seal and Locking Pin: We break the extinguisher seal, remove the locking pin, and then replace it.
  8. Upper and Lower Handles: We inspect both handles for proper functioning.
  9. Valve Opening: We ensure there is no powder or foreign matter obstructing the valve opening.
  10. Extinguisher Wipe-Down: We wipe down the entire extinguisher.
  11. Proper Location: We verify that the unit is correctly positioned at the required height from the ground.
  12. Visibility: We check that the unit is visible and unobstructed.