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Basic Service

Ideal for recently bought extinguishers ready for tagging. They are in good condition and have no repairs or maintenance needs.


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On-Site Inspection

Certification Tag

Full Service

Recommended for complete compliance. Any problems are fixed then the extinguisher is tagged.


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On-Site Inspection

Certification Tag





Certification Tag

Good for 12 months. Certification tags meet requirements for occupancy, insurance policies, and local jurisdiction.

On-Site Inspection

Work with a licensed professional in your neighborhood. A 13 Point inspection checklist will be performed for specific local fire code & standards.

6-year Maintenance
Hydrostatic Test
How often do fire extinguishers need to be inspected and tagged?

A licensed professional should inspect fire extinguishers at least once a year. We will perform a 13 Point Inspection on each extinguisher and inform you of any deficiencies, which must be fixed before we tag the extinguisher. Some fixes include recharges, refills, six-year maintenance, and hydro-static testing.

When do my certification tags expire?

The certification tags on your fire extinguishers expire one year from the month and year punched on the tag. Automatic fire suppression systems expire 6 months from the date punched on the system tag. This tag provides proof that your equipment was serviced to code by a certified technician if you are inspected by the fire marshal, your local authority or insurance company.

What is the average cost of servicing (ie: recharge, refills, 6 years, etc.) a fire extinguisher if it fails inspection?

The type, size and condition of your fire extinguisher determine the service cost. More chemical is needed for larger units, which increases the price. Our SWAP program offers you a convenient and affordable option to exchange your defective unit with a certified, refurbished one in a single visit.

Is it cheaper to just purchase a new fire extinguisher from a big box store instead of having it serviced?

No, you can save about half the cost by servicing your extinguisher instead of buying a new one. Plus, you need a tag for any new extinguisher to comply with local and state laws. Our fire extinguishers have a one-year warranty, a wall mount and a valid tag for one year. You can also keep your fire extinguisher if we ever need to service it and refill it. Some extinguishers in stores are disposable and cannot be reserviced. You must discard them and get a new one.

What is the shelf life of a fire extinguisher?

The lifespan of extinguishers is usually 10-12 years. They do not have a fixed "expiration date," but they can deteriorate over time and need some corrective actions. These actions may include recharges, refills, six-year maintenance, and hydro-static testing.

Can I bring extinguishers to your location? Do you accept walk-ins?

We cannot accommodate walk-in customers at our office, but we can come to your location at a time that suits you best. This way, we can also perform an onsite inspection of your fire extinguishers, which is usually a mandatory requirement by the fire marshal and insurance companies. They need to verify that there are no obstructions that could prevent you from accessing your fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

Compliance Guaranteed

Our licensed and insured professionals guarantee that the job will get done correctly. If you are still not in full compliance with local and insurance requirements, we will reinspect your location at no extra charge.