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What Should I Do With An Expired Fire Extinguisher?

What Should I Do With An Expired Fire Extinguisher?

You should properly dispose of the fire extinguisher if it is aged 15 years past the manufacturing date or damaged. A dented cylinder, broken pin,or even pressure loss for example, might have a substantial impact on the extinguisher's ability to perform properly.

How Do I Know If My Fire Extinguisher Is Expired?

When evaluating whether or not a fire extinguisher should be discarded, check to see if it can still be used or refilled. Fire extinguishers can survive up to 20 years if they are properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Ideally we recommend buying a new fire extinguisher if it’s over 15 years old past it’s manufacturing date. Most people buy a new fire extinguisher since there’s a negligible difference between getting it fixed and getting a new one. To best tell how old it is, the manufacture date can be found on the label or on the bottom of the extinguisher.

How To Dispose A Fire Extinguisher?

You CAN’T simply throw away fire extinguishers because they contain hazardous materials. Usually your local fire extinguisher company will dispose of the extinguisher for you during the yearly inspection. Otherwise, here are the 2 best options for disposing a damaged or expired fire extinguisher by yourself:

  • Partially or fully charged fire extinguisher: Call your local fire station to see if they accept fire extinguisher drop-offs or take the canister to a hazardous waste disposal site. Usually the local Department of Public Works has yearly events for this type of recycling.
  • Empty fire extinguisher: Remove all the pressure by squeezing the discharge gauge. Even though the pressure gauge might say empty, wait a few days and try again to make sure it’s actually empty. Then, contact a local recycling facility to arrange for the steel(ferrous metal) canister to be dropped off.

Call (888) 627-9394 if you have any questions or want more information regarding your local fire code requirements and our experts can help you out.

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