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Texas Reopening And Employment

Texas Reopening And Employment

Texas Unemployment Numbers Hit Record Highs

Unemployment in Texas like everywhere else multiplied at unprecedented rates. At the peak of unemployment, Texas was over 13% unemployed. It was a hard hit for many people as you can see by this chart below.

Temporary Texas Reopening Causes Good Recovery

Texas became one of the first states to reopen. Many businesses opened right back up and unemployment went down again. . As Texas opened up in phases, a 2nd wave of cases hit hard and it’s been unable to keep up with the demand of cases and testing. Many people have had to wait days if not weeks to get results.

Texas Delays Work Search Requirement

With the pandemic continuing, many businesses and employees have had to make the hard decision of working. With no direct regulation, many businesses owners and employees have been operating with high risk. Texas decided to delay the work search requirements for the unemployed so that they aren't forced to go back to work regardless of the hazards.
Hopefully the 2nd shutdown will lead to the end of cases.

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