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Dallas Businesses Not Staying Safety Compliant As Businesses Reopen In Texas

Dallas Businesses Not Staying Safety Compliant As Businesses Reopen In Texas

As Dallas becomes one of the first cities to reopen businesses across the country, it’s failing protocol measures. On May 1’st Dallas opened up it’s restaurants. On May 5th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced reopening of salons, barber shops, and gyms for May 18th even as Corona virus cases in Texas peaked. Although cases are on the decline, it doesn’t mean Dallas is in the clear yet.

Dallas Fire Extinguisher Inspections On The Rise

From America’s Fire Shield’s experience, we’ve seen an immense amount of fire extinguisher service calls. As businesses got shut down in March, we saw business owners call in last minute due to an increased number of fire extinguisher inspections. Since then most business owners have been preoccupied with how to keep their business afloat. As businesses reopen, we’ll see an increased level of businesses failing to keep up with protocol.

Most importantly, health compliance should be of the highest concern for anyone in the public. Mark Cuban’s test alone shows that many of the CDC Corona Virus guidance isn’t being met.

Fire extinguishers are usually serviced once a year. With many businesses missing this year's service and probably will be busy with the increased guidance that the CDC has put out, we’ll see noncompliance in many aspects of a business. We’re sure as businesses reopen, fire extinguisher inspections will go back up along with health inspections.
Make sure you’re fire safety code compliant and call us if you have any questions or concerns at (214)256-5699.

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