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Austin Texas Homes Have A Higher Chance Of Fires Than The National Average

Austin Texas Homes Have A Higher Chance Of Fires Than The National Average

Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. It is also the 11th-most populous city in the United States and the 4th-most populous city in Texas. With such a high and growing population, comes expanding residential properties, which increases the chances of fire incidents rapidly. No one wants them or their families to be a victim of these disastrous and deadly incidents.

US National Fire Statistics

According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), there were 1,342,000 fires reported in the United States in 2016. These fires caused 3,390 civilian deaths, 14,650 civilian injuries, and $10.6 billion in property damage. Out of these, 475,500 were structure fires, causing 2,950 civilian deaths, 12,775 civilian injuries, and $7.9 billion in property damage. The structural fires were the most damaging in terms of death tolls as well as loss to property. Also, the death count from these fire incidents have gradually increased from 2012 to 2015 from 2,855 to 3,280. Cooking has been found as the leading cause of residential building fires for the 10-year period.

Austin Texas Fire Statistics

According to the Texas Fire Incident Reporting System, annual report for 2016 there were 73,528 total fires reported in the state of TX which led to 108 civilian fire deaths in residential structure fires. Out of all these incidents, Austin Fire Department reported 2,036 fires and 4,088 hazardous conditions in only Austin, TX.

According to USFA the death toll per 1,000 fires for TX is 6.3 which is higher than the national average of 5.5. The number of injuries per 1,000 fires is also much higher (33.4) than the national average of 26.2. Portable fire extinguishers effectively extinguish nearly 95 percent of all reported fires -making them an absolute necessity for apartments, houses, condos and other residential facilities throughout Austin, TX.

In accordance with codes and regulations of Austin, TX, all condominiums and most residential buildings such as quarters, houses and assisted residential communities are required to provide a sufficient number of fire extinguishers throughout the common areas of the property. The fire extinguishers installed at a residential property must be maintained and certified by a licensed technician. Additionally, people living in these types of accommodations should know how to properly use fire extinguishers. One person can save the whole community from diminishing that small fire.
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